The Peaking Goddess Collective is a live organic act known for its outstanding and longstanding performances. Fusing live instruments, electronic devices and good vibes, they play eclectic sets that cover a wide range of styles. You might find them trancing a prog floor, just as you might see them entrancing the worlds finest chill stages.

The project was created in 2003 by Ajja S.F. Leu, Pearce Van Der Merwe, Daniel Symons, Gaspard Besson, Moreno Antognini and Tanya Leu.

Current Members:

  • Ajja S.F. Leu
  • Pearce Van Der Merwe
  • Daniel Symons

Intermittent members:

  • Jovis
  • Ralph Knobloch
  • Tanya Leu

Past Members:

  • Moreno Antognini
  • Gaspard Besson