Shamanic Tea (Ajja Remix)

Album | Oddular
Artist | Ajja
Label | Superfluid Sound
Year | 2021
Genre | Psytrance

Ajja is back by popular demand!

Superfluid Sound proudly presents “Oddular”, the third full-length album by Ajja, our beloved wizard of odd.

Featuring ten intricately crafted aural jewels, “Oddular” will enchant listeners and dancefloors with its delicate complexity, massive sound, and sheer groove factor.

Ajja keeps up his high production standards with twisted vocals, searing synths, finely tuned fx, and funky beats all waiting to slide into your brain to give you an auditory massage.

Whether you are listening at home, a party, or a festival, this sensational sonic sculpture will keep your body grooving while your soul gets some psychedelic nourishment.

W & P by Ajja S.F. Leu
Cover artwork by Ajja & Tanina Munchkina
Mixed and mastered by Ajja